Monday, June 14, 2010


It was the quintessential look. my eyes bleeding with confusion, waring from a disease I imposed upon myself. I could not take my eyes from the past, they were glued to an illusion.

they were hard pressed to love.

I felt lost with the absence of you and torn at a crossroads of letting you go or hanging on.

I spoke with fervor during those months to the God I had failed, so many times before, to know.

I suddenly hung onto his grace as If my life depended on it,

and in many ways, it did.

he saved me from a feral disaster. an impending downfall. a cowardly ache.

he lifted me above the illness I had manifested and paved a road for me. A road grounded in lessons I had learned from you, reminders of the love I now knew to be real, and devoid of anguish that once sucked me into the void.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


the sky bleeds its soul into my mouth and I kiss with new tenacity. I am alive now, growling with persistence, unchained to my reality, making headway into the presence of the unknown. I breathe in the moment, finding solace within the minute and revitalizing the journey I have unconsciously forgotten to walk. I find I am no longer alone. I realize the depth of each of our souls and the interaction that applies in accordance with will, and from this apprehension, joy resonates within. today it is not fabricated. today it is real. and new. and elastic with possibility.