Friday, October 21, 2011


the heart breaks as massive convulsions follow. in the resonance of our love, I have shed my last tear. the parts of you that I used to remember are blocked now from memories weathered by upset, no longer fueled by flames. I catch my breath, whose legs are long, as she sustains a moment on a recollection of you. It is in the blackest pieces of my mind, where memory fades, where I have perched your legacy far above the common trade. I still fall weak inside my knees, at the sound of your name, where my core still bleeds. I am in constant flux; inconsistent luck, holding your absence within the emptiness of me. In quiet serenity, I throw up your love, coughing up falsehood and criss-crossing your lies. the death of you inside of my bones, will renounce my crazy and cry out for calm.

photo: www.odessasawyer.com

"snow white"