Monday, May 24, 2010

Nicest Thing

beautifully simple.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


the answers swerve in and out of my consciousness, turning over awareness, laying her vulnerable; bare in front of me. I am convinced of nothing, but certain of everything. my thoughts frequent the rooms of my heart, making certain I remember and do not forget … the languages of love that still echo in the absence of you. Divinity has blanketed my wounds, filling up the holes that were left exposed to the moonlight. Forgotten needles from people’s past mistakes lay strewn out about me. I pick one up and inject my soul with its tonic; now an aged mixture transformed of a bitter concoction to one of bliss and contentment. I remain distant from you; not needing to feel you; or want you; or need you in ways I thought I would. giants of the earth surround me with joy. My false state of mind has enough truth to sustain my darkest days, which do not haunt me like they did. I speak the alphabet of happy now, I eat it for brunch and bury my nose in it for dinner. I have won the gold medal for longing and it time to give up the crown.