Friday, June 24, 2011


there is memory in my silence. dust lines our sovereignty in the length of hours I demand as I lie here in your arms, asleep. I crave your comfort. I reminisce of our time spent, happy, in each other presence, enfolding and folding into pieces of each other foreign to the next. I fall into a stupor, languishing my hours over a cup of lukewarm coffee … the days reminder of your love and the capsule of dynasty I hope to become.

Monday, June 20, 2011


Dissidence once held my hand, separating me from the mass of crazy ants that pitter pattered aimlessly amongst the crowded, lonely streets. I was shaped in divinity, transported from a world where dreams hung like balloons in the size of hangars and were bought on the house shedding their weight of disillusionment. my virtue, I realized, was not lost in that rose colored kiss that swam in the jar of glossy affection my innocence was lost long ago in the desert of carnage and in the sea of waste; in those forbidden illusions that robbed me of grace. I reek now of normalcy and of tempered delight, Ive dropped all of my belongings.
I have entered the race.

photograph: http://legosneggos.wordpress.com

Friday, June 3, 2011


I hover in uncertainty, hanging from the chimney of love in quiet dissolution. the mark has begotten me. the time undone. I look forward in fever now, transfixed to the life I always vowed to live. I have separated myself from the cushion of integrity. I have lost what once was mine to claim. I have grown up ages in these months of sugar and bliss … and I have heaped worldy wisdom into these hands of mine that have molded ache into art. once and for all it is final. the innocence I thought was once still mine to hold, is no longer mine to claim. the difference I now feel is resolute. the compromise: over. what was lost to you, is now his to gain and he sits on his throne twiddling his thumbs with a faint wash of sinister malevolence brushing his tiny face. he was won the game and has sentenced me to death in my own land of veracity.

by: Curtis Verdun “The Dance of Good and Evil”