Saturday, July 24, 2010


The scent of you caused my soul to stir and the remnants of your love bubbled underneath the surface of my skin. I am blistered now, with sores I thought had been tended to. I am trembling with a sickness that was left hiding in my bones. Your trace is still embedded in me; your mark, still a stain. you exposed my weakness to the afternoon air, swallowed my strength, and left me raw. Your love is a thunder that stormed through my heart that took all my sunshine and left me a p a r t.

Photo by: Joseph Mallord William Turner

Saturday, July 17, 2010


it rested on me in complete isolation.
from a band of restless thieves, it found its way to my cemented doorstop and it stood there.
for days.
even years, i would imagine, as i look back at it now.
inside my soundproof home, i missed the opportunity for change because I was too inundated by insidious whispers that welled up against me from a world prized for its glory on fear.

I became the prime candidate for a cherub to nurture.

And I didn’t even know it.

Fleets of fox tailed demons flogged their tongues at my feet,

chaining me to a life I thought I wanted to lead.

They held me captive. They enticed me with fame. They became my masters who promised change.

I feared and I stayed bound by shackles that became covered in dust.

i was convinced I was where I needed to be.

But the whispers were lies and my ears had become goo.

I was twisted with knots,

And then I got locked up in you.

And then it took me some time,

To recapture my breath,

To find my voice,

To make a choice.

I needed change and change needed me,

But I was still covered in molasses,

It was up to my knees.

I needed unlocking. I needed a key. I needed a lifeboat.

I need out of this sea.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010