Friday, May 27, 2011


your words echo inside of me. lost pieces of casual sophistication remain in my grasp and as I place them on my head, a transformation of my image is awakened in the heat of your polish. you are the whisper of the moonlight. the love-language I speak. your speech is a manifestation of rose petals scattered on my daily prayer and I am made melodic by your touch. I exhale the darkness and breath in the light, a portrayal of my conscious effort to sacrifice the comforts I used to keep. comforts that robbed me of happiness … luxuries that fortuitously came with a price … opulence that gleemed its shiny nuance with no promise of ever staying sane. though I justify myself, I am also validated in you. please plague me in the summer air with your infectious kiss and tender embrace. play with me between the sheets as the night enfolds the glory of the day. my doomsday is behind me and I am primed for spring.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


it is the quiet tonight that soothes me. there are no mockingbirds outside my window trying their best to sing me to sleep with an unwelcomed lullaby. there are no voices from the fanatical neighbors who live on all sides of me trying dillengently to make their noise into the greatest circus the world has ever known. i can hear the cockroaches inside my walls tiptoe-ing about in their imaginary tea parties, and the tick tock of a wooden wall clock that is no where to be seen pining away its minutes in hopes of a new dream. i forget what it's like to be mindful and i think the silence makes me crazy. I realize that I hunger after you in waves, in massive doses and like medicine you pacify the parts of me that used to be ill with fever. you embody my quiet, and together as we dance inside a beautiful ballroom routine, we live. it is in my quiet separation from you that I am made certain of the assessment that harbors itself in my heart. and that is that my adoration for you is compulsory … my commitment, assured … and my desire to grow within the us that is beginning to feel so incredible, is completely one hundred percent dignified by the angels that live in my bones.

photo by: mysteriouspainter.com “the door”

Friday, May 20, 2011


upside down, the world hangs in ardor. my falsetto is silent as I preach love to the tiny ants that reside in my bones. the cracks on the sidewalk feed me lies as I fill spoonfuls of life’s wisdom into my breast. the dawn is red and full of pieces of you that remind me of us and I have hung each of them separately, in the mist out to dry. (I used to paint the platform you walked upon with shades of mauve and gold but now I dissuade the present from taunting me of your essence. I dream in circles, locking myself out of the nightmares I continually keep on hold.) I gorge myself in the feast of life on vampy kisses and heated sheets. and as I move ahead, I leave you behind. the printed moon collapses on my forehead when I stand just right in its light … this reminds me of the heart I used to let you keep, so convinced your perfection would continue to hold. (I buried the last of you last night … in the brilliant sunshine that I found. at midnight, your corpse came running naked through my house. I clamped him down, I strangled him and I fed him to thieves that watched in silent ecstasy.) I am no longer haunted by the things I used to be. I have taken hold of myself and taught her to love exclusively. perhaps devoid of you, in the aftermath of the storm, I munch now on a sweet strand of bamboo who is stronger than the fiercest wind I have ever come to know.

Friday, May 13, 2011


the days are so long.
the walls play tricks on me, pretending they are ogres, chock-full with security, stuffed with sunshine, accumulating keys. they hide their reality, but their mask I now see … a jail sentence of fatality, chaining me to a death, I never intended to be. I percolate with desire, while my feet stand still … I ruminate in circles, locked to my seat, waiting on godot to release my misfortune and give me a key.

photo: inthepinkboutique.com

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


i watched myself catch on fire as the inside of me burned bright. in the heat of power, I forgot of my fallacy and soon I dripped with ash. My scars, though exposed, and once loved thoroughly with disdain, have started to heal proficiently, lending stillness to a heart that once ached with so much flame. First there was a he, whose tower was a fortress. He snacked on exquisite dynamite, and delighted in his own please. He was my fallback, and aptly numbed the pain … and helped to start a brand new road, full of courage, might, and fame. He wrapped himself around me, never giving me the key, always ready to take his flight, pretending he was king. He forgot to discern lessons, he tried to mask his stings, but I saw right through his camouflage; a dramatic reflection that mirrored most of me. our goodbye was tethered, between space and apathy … never were we committed, both lacking gallantry. and then there was the other he, who found his way to me … a clever event of providence, wrapped gaily around my ring. he bathes me in a beauty, his kisses are laced in peace … I become stronger in his nearness, and I sparkle in his grace.

photo: http://weheartit.com/entry/9040661