Monday, January 31, 2011


and then there was you.
uncomfortable in your silence.
contemplative of your situation.
fortuitous in your kiss…
your vortex was born,
from a cushion of contamination
bathed in a brilliant light of broken love.
you were caught in an echo of shattered promises,
comfortable in your wrongness,
unaware of your bliss.
when you found me that night,
while we were going the distance
we were both broken in half,
buried under baggage,
torn humbly at our limbs.
you were the epitome of crazy,
I, the poster child of femme …
but your guard was made of steel like titanium,
and my walls were too burly to ever let you in.

Photo by: Margarita Georgiadis “Taking Breath”
W: http://margaritageorgiadis.webs.com

Monday, January 24, 2011


my fingers trace your body,
feeling foreign on your skin.
they play a game of hide and seek,
they touch, they moan, they beg.
I have forgotten how to long for you;
discounted how to adore.
I'm left in silence beside you now,
apparent and alone.
I pine for you in kisses
while confusion reigns within.
I hemorrhage all my love for you,
holding hostages in my fears ...
I’ve taken on your baggage,
I’ve sacrificed my time …
seduced by your distance,
I’ve died beside your crime.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


the truth
has built a wall of serum around my heart.
my joy flushes with pain
sloshing around in the insides of me.
nothing feels grounded.
I am floating away.
again, I have loved in circles,
giving to a stone
whose cracks are full grown.
my happy is transparent
and it is I who is to blame.

photo by:aaron miller