Thursday, January 2, 2014


Hey blog,

Remember me? I've taken a few years off. from life. and writing. and everything in my brain, really. but i want to change that this year. i want to get back to the prose and the words and the passion and the confusion and joy of the heart. i want to remember and feel and twist and turn in places that are hard to be in. i want to touch the parts of me that are afraid to feel so that they don't have to be afraid anymore. i am ready to be open and alive. fully and contagiously. i don't know you'll morph into for me, but i know i feel the hunger of this lost creativity jiving in my bones, ready to pounce on its next meal. i pray for insight and laughter, tears, joy, birth, death and everything in between. i pray for bright memories, lost love to be found and kisses to turn my insides upside down.

I'm ready for you 2014.

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